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Tapestri App

Tapestri App, The Free App that Pays you !

It’s your data, you should get paid for it.

Let’s face it, when you download free apps, (who hasn’t) or use Maps, the Weather App, Facebook, Instagram, and the list goes on and on… All these apps are tracking and collecting data from us and most of the time we aren’t even aware that we’re giving our consent. It is hidden deep into the terms and conditions of the app or it is just written into the coding and they don’t even tell you.

In this new climate, data is the new currency, and did you know that it’s worth more than oil. Whenever you use a free app, you become the product. Tech companies are making fortunes from tracking and collecting your data, and what are we all making from it ?  Not a single penny. We are all just giving our valuable resource away for absolutely nothing.

Tapestri App Get Paid for Your Data

Well now it’s time to change that. The days of being exploited are over. It’s time to start earning on what we are giving away for free.


No gimmicks, no marketing strategies, no hidden Terms & Conditions!


Say Hello, To the Tapestri App.

This is where Tapestri comes into play !  and says, we want to disrupt this industry. We want to actually be transparent about what’s going on. Why don’t we just go to the consumer directly and say, this is what’s valuable to us and we’ll pay you for it.


The Tapestri App is about to change things forever!

How many apps

How many apps do you have on your phone right now?

do those apps pay you

Ask yourself how many of those apps pay you?

Do you have many Friends or Followers?

Tapestri is a technology company that has created a New Free App which has just been released. The Tapestri app simply runs in the background and captures your anonymous location data, Just like many of the other apps do on your phone. The big difference is that Tapestri will pay you for it, unlike the other apps.

There are no surveys to fill out, no tasks to complete, and no specific locations to visit. You don’t even have to open it up. Just simply live your life as normal and Tapestri will pay you up to $25 a month for your anonymous location data, every month.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “I’d like to earn money doing nothing,” then you should download the Tapestri App right now. All you do is simply download the app, sign up, and make sure that “App Location” is set to “Always On” and that’s it, you will start earning.

Plus a bonus !!!

Tap a friend.



We not only pay you for your data, We also reward you for referring people. For every friend or anyone you invite to download and install the Tapestri app, you will earn $1. Refer as many as you like there are no limits, And that’s not a one-time thing. You will earn that every single month as long as the app is installed on their phones and the “App Location” is set to “Always On”. That’s right you will earn from your data plus $1 for everyone that you refer, every month. Now that is passive income with residuals !!!

Do you have followers on social media, Are you an influencer, you can make a nice passive income.

Let’s say you have 10k followers on Instagram or some other type of social media platform, and 2k download the Tapestri app. You earn $2,000 USD per month doing absolutely nothing.

Do you drive for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash or any other delivery service, then this would work good for you, the more data points the app collects the better. You can also put a sign or QR Code to your referral link on the back of your seat or on your vehicle to increase your referrals and over time that will build up nicely.


All of this from a free app that pays you for what you are already giving away for free. So come and join the Tapestri family today and start earning.


Tapestri App Tap a friend


Oh yeah and there is one more thing…

You can also become an affiliate for the Tapestri App and earn even more !!!

Click the button below to learn more about the Affiliate Program.

Currently the Tapestri App is only available for the U.S. and Canada you must be at least 16 yrs of age to sign up.

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