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Tapestri App

Tapestri App Affiliate Program and Compensation Plan

This is where it gets really interesting...


The Tapestri App is Live!!!


Available for download in the U.S. and Canada

Must be 16yrs of age or older




This is a simple 2 Tier affiliate compensation plan that pays on two levels. Just like the free consumer who uses and shares the app, you will make $1 per referral on your 1st tier, and then $1 for each person that they refer, which is the 2nd tier. I know, $1 doesn’t sound like a lot but, consider this first……

Lets say you tell 10 people about Tapestri’s free app. Over time they tell 10 people. That’s 100 people or $100 a month in your pocket, just for sharing a free app. Now let’s say one of those 100 people happens to have a following of 25k people or more on a social media platform. Say they put out a simple post on how they’ve made $40 this month from downloading a free app. Lets say 500 of their 25k followers download the app. All of the sudden you’re making $600 a month, for basically doing nothing at all.

The cost to be in the Tapestri App Affiliate program is $9.95 per month.

Affiliate Marketers, Influencers, or if you have a large following on social media. You can do quit well with this opportunity. Plus in the future the app is going to offer even more opportunity, and that spells more money.


And it gets better….

When you sign up 10 affiliates you become a Super Affiliate.

Becoming a Tapestri Super Affiliate really unlocks the earning potential of Tapestri.

As a Tapestri Super Affiliate, you not only get paid $1 per month for each referred user in both tier 1 and 2. You also get payments for the affiliates you recruit, and the affiliates that they recruit. On top of that, As a Super Affiliate, you receive a 50% matching bonus on every dollar that your recruited affiliates make on their 1st and 2nd tiers!

So to put it simply, Lets say If you have one affiliate earning $200 a month, that’s an extra $100 for you. If you have multiple affiliates doing that, You do the math…$

And all of this is all residual, that’s right, every month.

Getting the idea on how this can grow into something big, and all from a free app that pays you.

Oh, and did I mention the Ophans?

“Orphans” are users who find and download Tapestri on their own. They are not connected to any affiliate or super affiliate.

Super Affiliates will also get to share the Orphans. Every month the Orphans will be distributed equally in rotation to all the Super Affiliates.

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