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How this Free App is looking to disrupt big data and pay you for what your giving away for free.

By: YourDataResiduals.com – September 12, 2021

the free app that pays you

We live in a world where many of the biggest companies in the world are using you as the product. Yes, you read that correctly. When you sign up for these services, they take your personal data and leverage it to make money from their advertisers, As seen in the Netflix Documentary “The Social Dilemma.” In essence, your data is used to line the pockets of these large organizations. All of this without you earning a cent from it. You just are a middleman in the equation, and we put up with it because we simply don’t know any better.

This is troubling, for many reasons, but the biggest one being is that we are completely undervaluing our personal data. In the modern context, data is the most important asset that there is and when we give it away for free, we become cogs in the wheel instead of controlling our own destiny. Many of us don’t even realize this is happening and this means that we’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

But not for long. Tapestri is here to change the game.

Imagine an app that pays you for your data, without you having to lift a finger. An app that takes your personal data seriously and rewards you appropriately for it. An app that is honest and upfront with you about the transaction you’re entering into, without hiding things behind an opaque business model.

Well that’s exactly what Tapestri does.

We’ve gone above and beyond to create something that leverages the power of your personal data and puts money in your pocket through sharing your anonymous location data. We think that a transparent exchange of value is a much better way for things to work and that’s what we’re hoping to accomplish. There are no surveys to fill out or any tedious tasks that you have to complete – it simply works in the background and can pay you up to $25 per month, which is a nice little bonus to put back in your pocket, Tapestri the free app that pays you.

It’s about time that, as consumers, we stand up for ourselves and we learn just how valuable our data actually is, so that we can get the value from it that is rightfully ours. If we can do that, at scale, we can radically disrupt the world of big data and wrestle back control from these large organizations that have been monetizing our own data for so long. We really think this could be the start of a brand new data revolution.

All that is to say that we hope you try out Tapestri the free app that pays you. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built, and we’re excited to bring the value to our customers that they deserve. To sweeten the deal we also have a great referral program built in so that you can earn even more when you share the app with your friends. It’s a no-brainer and it might just be the easiest money you’ll ever make.

Tapestri. Changing the world of data, one click at a time.

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